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see you next year!

It's Unique... It's Popularity Unbounded

Fairytop Garden Zoo is a heavenly rooftop bar serving up cocktails and sunsets, situated in Catford’s corner of South London.

Once you make your way up the staircase, you will be greeted with our curious and colourful rooftop which is beautifully tainted with the sunset of an evening, and made only better by the tray of cocktails making its way over to you.  The ideal setting for any summer spent in London, our bright and spacious menagerie is a gorgeous little suntrap perfect for sipping cocktails, taking in the breathtaking sunsets and relaxing in the golden hour glow.  Situated at the top floor 110 Rushey Green, make your way through the entrance of our downstairs neighbour Catford Constitutional and follow the signs upstairs to join us for evenings full of delicious drinks and skies that warm your soul.  See you soon!

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